7 th and last meeting of the SAFERPLAY project in AIJU, Ibi (Alicante)

Last February 14, the last meeting of the SAFERPLAY project took place at the facilities of AIJU, Ibi (Alicante). During the meeting, a summary of all the project execution was presented, both technical and financial. In addition, the University of Alicante, presented to all the project partners the product created, our platform SAFERPLAY Open Course which will be open shortly after completing the pilot test with users of various profiles and each of the participating countries of the project, who have shown themselves interested in being the first validators of the course.

To date just over 400 people from all over the world have wanted to be part of the SAFERPLAY community, registering via the website www.saferplay.eu Countries like, the United States, Australia, Austria, Chile, Brazil, Ireland, France, Italy, Malta, Canada, Serbia, Argentina, etc., in addition to the countries participating in the project, will be part of this innovative training, both for the methodology used and for the material included.


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