Sixth meeting of project monitoring SAFERPLAY in Vinkovci (Croatia)

On 8 and 9 November the penultimate meeting of the SAFERPLAY project took place in Vinkovci (Croatia), city where Hrast is one of the project partners.

The main topics of the meeting were:

  1. a) Learning materials and platform.
  2. b) Course validation questionnaire.
  3. c) Promotional plan.

Regarding the learning materials, the final contents of the materials of the different lessons were reviewed, such as, text material, design of the videos, contents of the activities, etc as well as reviewing the structure of web contents


Online platform for the SAFERPLAY course.

During the development of the lessons a glossary was created in order to improve the understanding of the different concepts that are used in the lessons that are part of the course, which will be used as support material for the users. All contents of the course can be downloaded as supplementary and reading material.

Project partners during the meeting

Project partners during the meeting

The final validation questionnaire of the course was agreed, which was finalized, and the validation process will begin shortly. Each of the countries participating in the project will validate all the itineraries of the course through different profiles.

Finally, we worked on the exploitation plan of the project, how it would be carried out and the possibilities it presents once the project ends on February 28.

In addition, the date was set to carry out the final event of the project that will take place next February and will be held at the facilities of AIJU. The event will feature the participation of project partners as European experts in child development, risk assessment and design to turn cities into playable and safe places.

Soon the program of the event to which all interested persons are invited will be disseminated.

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