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The first public event of the European SAFERPLAY project was held on November 15 at the “National Gallery Fair Trade Palace” in Prague, Czech Republic.

Within the program of the event series of lectures were presented with contents developed of the course, which were recorded in order to make it available to the students.

The series of lectures were as follows:

  • Children and play. Focus on beneficial risks. By Nicola Butler, Play England (UK).
  • Design of play areas: The influence of laws and standards. By Helena Menezes, Risk Vision (Portugal).
  • Children and the environment. By Mirjana Petrik, FA CTU (Czech Republic)

These three talks are included within the modules „Play, Children and Environment and Managing Risk in play provision“.

You can download all the videos before registration to the course.

In addition to these contents, the SAFERPLAY project was presented to the attendees, and that encompasses the entire training course.

As a closing of the day, a workshop was held where some of the contents of the course were announced, which was of great interest since feedback was obtained from attending and potential users. In addition, there was the participation of secondary students of the city of Prague, where they made known their needs in the urban environment in which they live.

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Note: All videos are recorded in English and these do not have subtitles.

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