Fifth meeting of project monitoring SAFERPLAY

Last June, the fifth meeting SAFERPLAY monitoring project at the headquarters of INSTITUT FÜR LEBENSLANGES LERNEN DER FORTIS-FAKULTAS GMBH (ILLL) in Chemnitz (Germany), one of the project partners took place.

The purpose of the meeting, organized by ILLL, was to present the prototype platform where all the contents of the course will reside, which will include training videos by experts in the safety of play areas and in the design of friendly cities „Child Friendly City „. In addition to the videos, each lesson will have reading or reference material, activities that will provide feedback to the student, as well as assessments in order to obtain badges of the acquired skills and finally be able to obtain the diploma of the course.

The course will cover six formative itineraries, five of them related to the profiles of the users and one of the complete course. The student will be able to choose the recommended itinerary according to his profile or in case he wants to learn more, the technology of the platform will allow him to choose more loose lessons or other itineraries, in order to increase his competences.

The profiles included in the course are:

  • Community (parents, caregivers, etc.)
  • Designers of landscapes, architects, engineers, etc.
  • Manufacturers of play equipment, surfaces and leisure facilities
  • Inspectors and maintainers.
  • Public administration or responsible for play spaces.

During the month of November, the third multiplier event will be held in Vickovci (Croatia), where some of the course contents related to materials, especially wood, and the technology used in its development will be presented.

SAFERPLAY is a European project, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program and led by AIJU, whose main objective is to develop a BOC (Baged Open Course) on innovative training in the design, installation and maintenance of safe play areas and Challenging.

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