SAFERPLAY in Eastbourne (UK)

Playworkers, architects, landscapers, researchers, teachers and other professionals gathered in the second event of the SAFERPLAY project, which was held last March in Eastbourne (UK). Nicola Butler, president of PLAY ENGLAND and member of the SAFERPLAY consortium, gave way to different talks.

Karina Pernías from AIJU, opened the event by presenting the SAFERPLAY project, mentioning the rest of the project partners and the role each one plays.

Mirjana Petrik, from the Faculty of Architecture, CTU, Czech Republic, and member of the consortium spoke about the perspectives of children in any of the spaces they face day by day. In addition, he offered a fascinating insight into how the play has developed in his country.

With a dynamic presentation, Helena Menezes, Risk Vision, Portugal, another of the project partners, raised a question regarding the design of the playground equipment: do technical standards eliminate creativity or are a useful and necessary tool? Through examples he showed the different perspectives of “Risk and play”.

The session was completed with a round of questions to the speakers, coming to discuss such important issues as beneficial risk and non-beneficial risk.

All these topics are covered in the SAFERPLAY course, so if you want to expand your training you can pre-register.


Karina Pernias of AIJU and Helena Menezes of Risk Vision presented the project SAFERPLAY and contents of the course.

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